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Walkera Vitus Starlight
Walkera Vitus Starlight
Walkera Vitus Starlight
  • Walkera Vitus Starlight
  • Walkera Vitus Starlight
  • Walkera Vitus Starlight

Walkera Vitus Starlight

Walkera Vitus starlight foldable drone quadcopter

USD $899.00

Extra Stock Propellers

2 Sets 4 Sets No

Extra Battery

Add 1 Extra LiPo No

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Walkera Vitus Starlight, discovering a new world of flight

Walkera Vitus Starlight highlights the night with night-vision camera, that enables you to capture clear footage at night or in extremely low illuminant environment.

Down-sizing a drone for aerial photography into a mini foldable airframe is the objective for the Vitus 320. The Walkera Vitus carries a dual-module global positioning system, as well as infrared and visual sensors. These sensors help to ensure safety and stabilization during flight.  Videos are stabilized with a mechanical gimbal and provides 25-minutes of flight time for a creative aerial photography experience. In additional, when you are done with aerial photography, switch your Vitus into a game console to play some augmented reality (AR) drone games.


Shipping Status: FREE SHIPPING.  Arrives USA date Dec 16, 2017.



Foldable design

Optimize design with the aircraft arms, landing gear and propeller blades foldable. The folded dimensions of the aircraft is 233x114x93mm (length, width and height), which is equivalent to the size of a water bottle, and the aircraft only weighs 920g. Large and heavy backpacks and trolley cases will no longer be needed for aerial photography, all you have to do is put Vitus in your bag and enjoy filming the beautiful scenes whenever and wherever possible.


1080P high-definition camera

The camera supports 1080P/30fps videos. The 85° ultra-low-distortion wide-angle lens helps to keep the original details and makes your works more inspiring.

Mini-sized 3-axis gimbal

Compact does not mean we sacrifice performance for the reduced size. We  created a mini-sized 3-axis stabilization gimbal, which could effectively prevent images from shaking during flight and providing smooth and steady aerial videos.


Three-directional obstacle avoidance

Through infrared TOF technology and 3 high-precision sensors, the smart obstacle avoidance system of the aircraft is able to detect obstacles 5 meters away in 3 directions (front, left, right.) and slows down, preventing risks brought by misoperation and ensuring flight safety.


Satellite + visual positioning

The dual-module GPS/Glonass satellite positioning system is able to obtain satellite positioning signals accurately and quickly. This helps to create more accurate and stable hovering at fixed heights and points. In addition, there is a infrared sensor and optical flow camera equipped at the bottom of the airframe, which quickly takes 50 pictures per second for positioning, achieving precision hovering even indoor or without satellite signals


1080P HD video transmission for live feed

Through advanced digital video transmission technology, steady high-definition images can be transmitted at a great distance with low latency. The image quality for real-time preview is 1080P


Smart follow

Through image algorithm technology, objects can be automatically identified and followed. This will set your hands free, leading to wild imaginations for first-class movies.


Mini-sized 3-axis gimbal

We refuse to sacrifice performance for reduced size. We have created a mini-sized 3-axis stabilization gimbal, which could effectively prevent images from shaking during flight and receive smooth and steady aerial images.


Remote controller

The DEVO-F8S remote controller is mini size, comfortable, with an antenna plus a mobile phone holder.  In addition, the dual-thumbwheel design allows you to easily control the movement of the gimbal and operate the aircraft


AR game console

The Vitus APP is able to provide pilots with racing and air battle games by combining augmented reality technology and virtual elements in outdoor flight scenarios

Main Rotor Dia.: 177mm
Dimensions (L x W x H):229x279x113mm
Weight: 920g(batteries included)
Remote Controller:DEVO F8S
Main board: VITUS 320
Brushless Motor:WK-WS-28-017A
Brushless ESC: VITUS 320
Battery:11.4V 5200mAh LiPo 3S
Flight Time:22minutes for positioning flight (with10% battery level residual) / 25minutes for ultimate flight
Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Controllable turn range:-90°~ 0° pitch
Optical Flow Positioning System
Velocity range:Velocity ≤ 50km/h ( 2m above ground and sufficient lighting)
Altitude range:≤ 3m
Hover accuracy range:±0.5m
Operating environment:Surfaces with rich patterns and sufficient lighting
Infrared Obstacle Avoidance System
Obstacle detecting range:7m
FOV:horizontal 30°; vertical ±30°
Image Sensor:SONY: 1/2.7″ CMOS; pixel 2MP
Lens:FOV 85° ; 4.4mm; f/1.2 aperture
ISO Scope:100-12800
Photo resolution:1920x1080
Record resolution:UHD: 1920x1080 30fps
Max. code rate of video storage:16Mbit/s
Supported file system & format:Fat32; exFat
Picture format:JPEG
Video format:MP4
Memory card supported:Micro SD card (maximum 128G, transmitting speed is C10 and above or UHS-1)
DEVO F8S remote controller
Dimensions (L x W x H):173x101x71mm
Working frequency:2.4G
Signal range:About 1.5KM (open without shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
Built-in battery:7.4V 2200mAh Li-po 2S
Mobile device holder:Applicable to tablet and phone


* Radio transmitter factory default is Mode 2, you can change it DIY. 



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